Service Pack

Pack 1

180€ €  + iva
  • 6 hour pack
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Pack 2

360€ €  + iva
  • 12 hour pack
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Pack 3

720€ €  + iva
  • 24 hour pack
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Additional information:

At the beginning of each installment, we will survey your needs and, together, we will find the hour plan that best suits the reality of your business.

We also work on a monthly basis (contact us for more information)
For a single hour and/or face-to-face the price of €40/hour + VAT


  • Does e-secretary do international work?

     Yes, we do work for clients outside of mainland Portugal and the
  • Do you travel to customers' offices?

     Only in very specific situations. It is not our normal working method.
  • Are payments made on the award?

     Yes, payments are made before starting the contracted month
  • How can I get your services?

     Just get in touch we provide all the information you need to move forward!


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